About Shiran


Shiran is a spiritual teacher with a clear and direct approach. His strong and loving presence facilitates deep transformation in many people. Through his guidance and direct approach, the connection with your essence And deep nature becomes very accessible.

Shiran was living a “normal” life until the age of 15 when he experienced a severe trauma and found himself in a state of detachment from his body.

This awakening experience has led him to a deep journey of self discovery and healing.

Shiran's Portrait
THree Yellow Hearts

Shiran’s initial experience with a sense of a different reality led him on a path of facing questions left unanswered by traditional methods.  At that time, he “accidentally” discovered the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj & Sri Ramana Maharshi.  The words of these two realized masters confirmed for Shiran that our identity (The Self) is not the body and not the mind.
At that point, a deep sense of destiny emerged from within him to help others discover freedom from this fake identity.

Fueled by this conviction, Shiran has received extensive education in the field of Holistic medicine and has been practicing various healing arts since 2003.
Shiran has brought his talent and  knowledge to many people: those who seek a breakthrough in life, those who seek a cure for their illness and those who are dying.

In the past few years, Shiran has been traveling worldwide leading workshops, retreats and private sessions in many different locations.

Alongside his spiritual journey and professional life,
Shiran shares his life with his partner Noa
and their 3 children.

When often asked about his choice of family life over being a sage and dwelling into a life of meditation, his reply is clear:
“I didn’t choose anything. It chose me.
The spiritual journey happens within life, Not outside of life.
There is no need to escape to a cave or monastery.
Ask yourself who is it that wants to escape,
who is asking the question?
Don’t let go of that question until the answer becomes evident”.

Three White Hearts

“I am not the body.
I am not the mind.
 Awakening to a state of just being without any story or defined identity.
An amazing bliss.”


About The Method Breathing Journey

Lungs icon stands for brathing


Breathing has a tremendous potential. It enables us to expand consciousness
and by accessing subconscious information, heal our inner wounds and make
a real change in our life.


Attention is the element integrating and connecting everything else.
It is the core of every inner work and is in fact the consciousness being expanded
during the breathing process.

Light bulb icon stands for understanding


Understanding is an important pillar. It is the basis for real freedom of mind and
the ability to process information released during the Breathing Journey.

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