Caroline’s Testimony

THree Yellow Hearts
Caroline portrait in a circle

I’ve been working with Shiran for around 9 months and this has truly been life changing for me. We’ve been having online video sessions and even though we were very far away from each other physically, I always felt a great sense of presence and trust and the outcome of our talks has been of deep significance to me. Meeting Shiran meant meeting a person that believed in me 100% and had complete faith in the fact that there was a way for me to, little by little, get back to life after having been bedridden and bound to my house because of chronic fatigue for 2.5 years.

  Shiran also believed that it was possible for me to combine my passions so that I didn’t have to quit something I loved. I can’t explain with words what getting this level of support meant to me, but it resulted in me getting back into dancing, doing a performance and a photography exhibition. Something that I, in my wildest dreams, would never have imagined prior to starting the sessions. I still have big issues with fatigue but now I have a life filled with my passions because I started believing it was possible.