Private Sessions

THree Yellow Hearts

“I melt and disarm your defence mechanisms, and I do it in the most loving and beautiful way
so that you can feel completely safe to be vulnerable, to be real. To be exactly you.”


What Are Private Sessions?

Sometimes, all we need is to meet heart to heart, soul to soul with undivided attention; to be seen, heard and felt.   

Having private sessions with Shiran can be a profound and life changing experience. Many of Shiran’s clients have reached significant understandings and have been able to change the way they live, feel and relate to themselves and others. Feeling more alive, more connected, more authentic… being loved unconditionally.

Breathing Journey Sessions

Two hour meetings with Shiran’s undivided attention offer an opportunity to reach what really matters to you.  Guided breathwork, energetic healing and touch during sessions will take you on a journey of deep healing:

  • Opening up to this moment

  • Releasing the past

  • Letting go of limiting patterns

  • Breaking through

  • Connecting with your deepest nature – being. 

Online sessions

Online meetings with Shiran will help you focus on healing different aspects of your life: Whether it’s your relationships, career, emotional stuckness or any other challenge you are facing, Shiran will support your process of discovering how you can change your life from inside out. 

With Shiran’s deep hearted listening, vast knowledge of mental and emotional exercises, strong intuition and lots of unconditional love, you may find the breakthrough you have been looking for.

It doesn’t matter where you are, all you need is an Internet connection and you can begin to get more from your life.

Shiran's elements of work are:

THree Yellow Hearts
Lungs icon stands for brathing


Breathing Has a tremendous potential.
It enables us to expand consciousness
and by accessing subconscious information,
heal our inner wounds and make
a real change in our life.


Attention is the element integrating and
connecting everything else.
It is the core of every inner work and is
infact the consciousness being expanded
during the breathing process.

Light bulb icon stands for understanding


Understanding is an important pillar.
It is the basis for real freedom of mind and
the ability to process information
released during the Breathing Journey.


THree Yellow Hearts
Caroline portrait in a circle

“I’ve been working with Shiran for around 9 months and this has truly been life changing for me. We’ve been having online video sessions and even though we were very far away from each other physically, I always felt a great sense of presence…”

Caroline's Testimony

“I came to receive your healing because I felt stuck in my spiritual path. I felt some blockages in my energy system. I felt lost. We started the session and…”

Eritreas's Testimony

“Every time it’s a different journey,
I never know what to expect and where this journey will take me. Diving into the unknown can be quite scary and liberating at the same time….”


Daniella’s Testimony

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