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The elements of Shiran's work

THree Yellow Hearts
Lungs icon stands for brathing


Breathing Has a tremendous potential.
It enables us to expand consciousness
and by accessing subconscious information,
heal our inner wounds and make
a real change in our life.


Attention is the element integrating and
connecting everything else.
It is the core of every inner work and is
in fact the consciousness being expanded
during the breathing process.

Light bulb icon stands for understanding


Understanding is an important pillar.
It is the basis for real freedom of mind and
the ability to process information
released during the Breathing Journey.



THree Yellow Hearts

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About Shiran

Shiran is a direct and present spiritual teacher.

With his strong and loving presence a deep transformation occurs to many people.

His guidance and direct approach make the connection with your essence and deep nature very accessible. 

Shiran was living a “normal” life until the age of 15 when while experiencing a severe trauma, he found himself in a state of detachment from his body. 

This awakening experience has led to a deep journey of self discovery and healing…


Every conscious breath you take is a miracle. It is the opportunity to connect you with your deepest nature, heal you and transform your life into an experience of fulfillment and presence. Join a process of deep healing through breath, conscious movement and meditation practices. Your inner freedom begins here and now.

Private Sessions

Having a private session with Shiran can be a profound and life changing experience. Many of Shiran’s clients have reached significant understandings and been able to change the way they live, feel and relate to themselves and others. Feeling more alive, more connected, more authentic… Being loved unconditionally.

Practitioner training:

If you feel the calling to do this work, you probably get inspired by seeing others breakthrough and heal their lives.
Wherever you are in your personal journey, the training will support the process of you growing into a confident and qualified breath-work practitioner.

“Healing others is a destiny, helping others to heal themselves
Is the most noble form of that destiny” ~Shiran

Frequently asked questions

No special skill or experience are needed. The process is natural and very intuitive. If you listen and follow the instruction you will experience the power and benefits of the journey.

If you are pregnant it’s not recommended.
The strong energetic flow may be too much for you to experience during pregnancy. If you are diagnosed with psychosis it’s not recommended. If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder and you take a medication like Lithium, it’s not recommended. If you are diagnosed with Glaucoma it’s not recommended. If you suffer from a severe heart condition or have had heart surgery in the past two years or diagnosed with Epilepsy, it’s important to let us know and consult about whether it’s safe for you.
In any case if you have any doubts please contact us to consult whether it’s safe for you.

We do not accept children under the age of 18 to our retreats and training program. Children may experience the benefits of this work in private sessions.

Yes if you wish to arrange a retreat or a number of private sessions in a location that is not in Shiran’s published calendar please contact us to find out how it can be done.

Of course no moment is the same as another (and we know you know that), but Shiran also likes to cooperate with various teachers from different fields of work in order to offer extra value to the journeys.
Among Shiran’s cooperations you may find:
yoga teachers, contemporary dance and Gaga teachers, Sufi teachers, laughter yoga teachers, Tantra teachers etc.
Each retreat in the calendar will note if there are guest teachers and what is their expertise.