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THree Yellow Hearts

“Breathing consciously is a master key.
It can open your heart to unconditional love.
It can open your mind to understand what’s holding you back.
It can guide you into letting go and experiencing your natural state.
It can show you what real freedom is.”


Being present is everything

Breathing Journey is a way of experiencing being present through special guided breathing techniques that increase the flow of energy and cause consciousness to expand beyond our known limits.

Experiencing this magnificent state of consciousness allows us to get in touch with our subconscious patterns and release many negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

While experiencing a traumatic event, our defense mechanisms suppress emotions and some of the memories related to them.
This is a survival mechanism designed to buffer the painful experience to a level that allows us to function and not “crash”.
However, we eventually pay a price for suppressing the emotions and memories. We become numb and lose contact with our natural state of being, a state of bliss.

Since it’s not common in our society to encourage powerful
emotional release in daily life, it has become more important than ever to take the time and space to do so in a safe environment.​

Breathing Journey can be a one-on-one therapist- patient
experience or a group session. Each format has its own advantages and it’s best to experience both.

Presence through breath icons

Shiran’s elements of work are:

THree Yellow Hearts
Lungs icon stands for brathing


Breathing has a tremendous potential. It enables us to expand consciousness and by accessing subconscious information, heal our inner wounds and make a real change in our life.


Attention is the element integrating and connecting everything else. It is the core of every inner work and is in fact the consciousness being expanded during the breathing process

Light bulb icon stands for understanding


Understanding is an important pillar.  It is the basis for real freedom of mind and The ability to process  information released during the Breathing Journey.


Every conscious breath you take is a miracle. It is the opportunity to connect you with your deepest nature, heal you and transform your life Into an experience of fulfillment and presence.
Join a process of deep healing through breath, conscious movement and meditation practices.
Your inner freedom begins here and now.


If you feel the calling to do this work, You probably get inspired
by seeing others breakthrough and heal their lives.
Wherever you are in your personal journey, the training will support the process of you growing into a confident and qualified Breath-work practitioner.



Having a private session with Shiran can be a profound and life changing experience.
Many of Shiran’s clients have reached significant understandings and been able to change the way they live, feel and relate to themselves and others.
Feeling more alive, more connected, more authentic…
Being loved unconditionally.

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