Yoga & Breathwork retreat

Provencen 1-4/11/2018

About Breathwork

This is not going to be an ordinary retreat. 

This is going to be the next level of breathing, the next level of being ❤️

I’m done with writing the list of what we will do there.
The most important thing is the essence.

You will come out of this journey feeling LOVE, feeling LOVED, feeling connected to a wider and deeper sense of being.

And…. You are going to have FUN.
Meaningful FUN.

one last space left
Is it yours?

15-17/2/19 south Sweden

About Yoga

The yoga classes will contain a work of movement combined with attention to our body alignment and breath.
By practicing you decrease stress level, open the heart, and connect to your inner self by moving your body with care and attention.
We will Stretch the body, elongate, curve it, love it, open our hearts, explore it and expand our awareness together.

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In this retreat-

We are very excited to invite you to a magical journey in Provence.
A journey deep within ourselves
A journey of healing movement and liberating breath.
A wonderful opportunity to let go of the limiting patterns we follow, to cleanse and to evolve.

The combination of Yoga and Breathwork gives birth to freedom and unconditional love

4 Full days in a magical monastery in Provence (France). Surrounded by endless lavender fields and a breathtaking view of the Alpes, we will move with attention to our breath and to ourselves.

We will create a safe space for you to be exactly what you are, to heal and gain your strength (and it’s also going to be a lot of fun).

At the monastery our stay will be taken care of in the most kind and loving way by the owners Dhruv and Annemarie. healthy food will be served in order to support the cleansing process.

If you feel called to join us, you probably are...

About Us

Shiran round portrait


Shiran is a spiritual teacher with a clear and direct
approach. His strong and loving presence facilitates
deep transformation in many people.
Through his guidance and direct approach,
the connection with your essence and deep nature
becomes very accessible.
In the past few years, Shiran has been traveling
worldwide leading workshops, retreats and
private sessions in many different locations.

Daniella's Portrait in a circle


Daniella is a Yoga, contrology (classic Pilates), movement and fly stick instructor.
Daniella has been teaching movement around the world for the past 3 years, and has been 
studying to become a breathwork practitioner and has joined Shiran as a helper in his retreats around Europe.
She believes that soft movement of the body combined with deep breathwork can change lives. It opens the heart and the mind and helps people to reconnect wth themselves.

Technical stuff:

-The retreat includes accommodation + 3 tasty and healthy meals a day. You will also get bed linen and towels so no need to bring with you. The price also includes pickup and return to Marsailles airport (we will publish the exact hours of pickup soon).

-Arriving: if you come by flight the nearest airport is Marsaille. 
There will be a pickup to the monastery and then back (at the end of the retreat)
-We arrive the evening before the retreat in order to start the next morning. if you wish to stay an extra night at the end of the retreat (on Sunday) you will pay an extra 100 euro.

***This retreat is not suitable for pregnant women***

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First 6 spaces – 750 EUR
after that price goes up to – 800 EUR
Registration ends at 1/10/18

in order to secure your space with a deposit of 300 EUR

Cancellation Policy:

Up to 30 days before the retreat begins- refund minus 15% (handling fees).
30 days or less before the retreat- no refund.
the rest of the amount will be paid in cash on arrival to the retreat
so please remember to bring it with you.

For questions and more information please contact us: