Daniella’s Testimony

THree Yellow Hearts

Every time it’s a different journey. I never know what to expect and where the journey will take me. Diving into the unknown can be quite scary and liberating at the same time… We start with a conversation where I share my heart and spill my soul. I always feel that it’s the safest place to do so… I will never be judged or criticized while revealing myself as I am. When the breathing session starts, that’s when the magic happens. During the entire session, Shiran held the space for me as if he was a mother carrying her child inside of her… rocking, touching, hugging, loving
and simply being there

  for me, letting me know that whatever comes out of me will be received with unconditional love. Shiran has his way of leading me towards freedom. Freeing me from my own defense mechanisms, helping me to peal off layers of habits and illusions I was trapped by. Every time a session is done, I feel quite overwhelmed by the depth of the work I went through. I feel so wrapped with love and confidence to be who I am. It’s quite hard to put into words, but this work has changed my life! It helped me connect with my inner child and make peace with her. I will forever be thankful for this treatment and for Shiran.