Breathing Journey

Breathing Journey

A Breathing Journey is an experience of the healing and purifying force of breathing.  Each on a personal level and as a group, we feel how the energetic current clears emotional and physical residues and helps us break out of our limiting patterns and beliefs.

About Breathing Journey – a technique of conscious breathing that enables a powerful experience of the power of this moment. Breathing brings the body and mind to a state where they no longer need to hold tight control. Then the emotional and obstructive residues that we accumulate on from our early stages of life resurface.

Traumatic events that we experienced from the embryonic stage, birth and later created a contraction.
This contraction, if not released properly, becomes permanent one
(emotional, physical, energetic).
Our mechanisms of control and defense suppress the experience in order to avoid the suffering involved, thus creating patterns of “avoidance” of all kinds.
Our responses, which were relevant to that situation, are no longer relevant and limit us in our lives at the moment.
Breathing provokes feelings related to memories of the past and creates a corrective experience with significant events that have affected us. With each cycle of breath, and as the process becomes profound, layers of internal resistance can be peeled off and we can reach a deep flow. Through the deep feelings of the body we can reach emotional release and create inner harmony.
When we choose to deal with feelings and sensations consciously, a process of healing is facilitated.


“Breathing consciously is a master key.
It can open your heart to unconditional love.
It can open your mind to understand what’s holding you back.
It can guide you into letting go and experiencing your natural state.
It can show you what real freedom is.”



THree Yellow Hearts

So here is our invitation to you -

we wish to invite you to the safest space you can imagine.
A space to breathe together, to feel together, to move together,
to share our deep emotions and thoughts,
to learn about what it means to be exactly you without any masks.
A space to be intimate, to touch, to hug, to cry and laugh.
A space of unconditional love.

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If you feel called to join us, you probably are...

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***This workshop is not suitable for pregnant women***

About Shiran

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Shiran Michaeli – therapist, workshop facilitator, and researcher of breathing and consciousness.

Founder of BREATHING JOURNEY, a method which combines three-dimensional circular breathing with cognitive, emotional and energetic processes. He leads workshops and individual meetings in Israel and abroad, consultant to companies and businesses, supports individual work to self-realization.