Resilience, Better Focus, Reduced Stress, More Happiness & Health.

Breathwork is the single most important tool to make a difference in resilience, increased focus, stress management and well being.
Oxygen is the ultimate token that is necessary for creating a big shift in our functioning and productivity.
Knowing how to use our breathing and create the right mindset is a stress reducing factor that effects our ability to function, make better decisions and stay motivated.
Stress is now the most recognized factor affecting our well being. Conscious breathing is the most effective way to eliminate it.

  • FLO2provides insights that enable us to be aware of our breath and gives us the tools to access, control and harness it to achieve our specific goals.
  • Since breathing is an impulse that happens automatically, most of us are not aware of the active role we can be playing in accessing that function and its benefits.
  • Breathing consciously clears stress and increases energy levels, leading us to be in a state of relaxation, enhanced creativity and well being.  
  • The techniques learned and practiced as part of FLO2W are simple, can be done by anyone and provide instant results.
  • The knowledge you receive in a few short hours could serve you for the rest of your life and the repetitive practice will embody the skills into your daily life.

Offering the benefits of FLO2W at the workplace has important advantages such as increasing resilience to the “VUCA world” reality of business today and can be used as a powerful tool for working on creating positive habits. 

“It sounds very simple, but the power of our own breath is one of the most powerful engines we have in our body. No matter who you are there’s something to gain from this experience.”

Tamar Frumkin, head of marketing at Skyline Al


“I would like to personally thank you, as well as on behalf of the Goldfarb Seligman Labor and Employment Law Department, for the fascinating, useful (and breath-taking) workshop that you ran for our department yesterday. 
There is no doubt that the workshop succeeded to garner interest in a topic that seems so obvious. The teaching was well adapted to suit the forum of participants and their level. The workshop provides tools that help us all on a daily basis, whether at home or at work.
Thank you very much.”

Ofer Ravid, partner and head of Labor and Employment Law Department, Goldfarb Seligman & Co Law Offices


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Shiran Michaeli – therapist, workshop facilitator, and researcher of breathing and consciousness.

Founder of BREATHING JOURNEY, a method which combines three-dimensional circular breathing with cognitive, emotional and energetic processes. He leads workshops and individual meetings in Israel and abroad, consultant to companies and businesses, supports individual work to self-realization.