Midnight Sun Adventure Retreat - Norway

Are you ready to discover the next level of your life?
Join us because we’re going there!
Powerful breathing techniques, special physical and mental exercises, ice bathing and hiking in some of the world’s most beautiful raw nature are some of the elements of this adventure.

Through deep work including experiential exercises and lectures, your instructors Daniel Mueller-Gonzalez and Shiran Michaeli will take you on a journey of releasing limiting beliefs ,finding your inner emotional balance and learning how to influence the biochemistry of your own body and become strong, healthy and happy.
During the journey we will all gradually challenge ourselves and push our comfort zones. Everyone will participate according to their own ability and level of experience.

We cannot imagine a better place to do this, than the secluded, newly renovated private resort, above the polar circle in the far north of Norway, surrounded by some of the most beautiful phenomena nature has to offer. At this time of year, the sun will be shining 24/7 and is called the Midnight Sun. The resort offers a panorama view of the sky, surrounding mountains, forests, islands and the ocean fjord. We will be an intimate group of maximum 15 people, and have the place to ourselves for this whole week. Our chef will provide delicious traditional Sami dishes made with fresh ingredients, as well as gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian diets according to your preference.

– Get tools to reduce stress and anxiety while having more energy in your everyday life.
– Improve your immune-, nervous- and cardiovascular function
– Make the cold your teacher. Embrace it and dramatically improve your cold tolerance.
– Feel more alive, more present and in-control of your body.
– Increase your confidence and activate your inner power.
– Release the old and focus on what is important for you now.

One of our aims is to build a community that will provide inspiration, accountability and further exploration.
We are planning to be there for you also after the journey and support your process. You will be invited to enjoy this community and stay connected with us and the other amazing people from this experience.

THree Yellow Hearts

“Breathing consciously is a master key.
It can open your heart to unconditional love.
It can open your mind to understand what’s holding you back.
It can guide you into letting go and experiencing your natural state.
It can show you what real freedom is.”


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About our retreats-

Our retreats are a journey, an opportunity to take time off and focus on healing, recharging and getting to know your inner landscape much better. The work we do together is profound and authentic. We make it a point to let everyone feel welcome and loved unconditionally and we do our best to provide you the safest space you can imagine so that you can really let go into the process.
During the retreats we practice various techniques such as conscious breathing, conscious movement, meditation, sharing circle and more. The retreats are not a ‘relaxing spa’ experience: you come to work and evolve, to evoke emotions and heal the wounds, to break through and leave behind limiting patterns, to feel truly alive.
In order to balance the intensity of the program, there will be plenty of time for relaxation and getting to know each other.
We invite you to change your life from inside out.

If you feel called to join us, you probably are...

About us

Shiran's Portrait

Shiran Michaeli

Shiran, from Isreal, is the founder and developer of Breathing Journey, a method combining unique breath-work with energetic healing developed over 16 years of work experience with thousands of clients. He has also extensively trained in the fields of Chinese medicine and Thai massage.
In the past few years he has been traveling and teaching at retreats, offering private sessions and consultations.
Shiran’s mission is to help raise consciousness, exceed personal limits and find inner freedom. He works with the principle of: “By agreeing to feel we heal” and focuses on creating the best possible situation for people to feel safe to be their most authentic selves.
Shiran has realized his life mission after going through a strong out of body experience at the age of 15 and since then has constantly been searching for ways to provide a deeper understanding of our nature.

Daniel Mueller Gonzalez

Daniel, originally from Germany, is a certified Wim Hof method instructor, founder of ‘The Breathing Experience’ and the ‘Body-Mind-Spirit’ method. Daniel facilitates transformational experiences by training the body and mind to go beyond it’s conditioned behavior. Using polarities, nature, instruments, movement, challenges, powerful breathing techniques and a mindset that empowers he is a ‘Dan on a mission’ to help you break free of your own limitations.

Technical stuff:


We will be staying in the newly renovated and remote Northern Lights Center. Each room fits 1-4 person(s).
The retreat center is right at the fjord surrounded by mountains. You will wake up with views over the fjord, forests and mountains everyday!

What is included:
• All meals and activities
• Accommodation & facilities
• Nature hikes
• Sweat lodge experience
• Transfer from / to Kjeldebotn port

What to bring:
• Comfortable clothes
• Outdoor clothes for cold weather
• Hiking shoes
• Water shoes
• Shorts (and top for women)
• Bathing Suit (two is best)
• Small backpack
• Toiletries
• Plenty of motivation

The kitchen cannot accommodate food allergies to commonly used ingredients such as onions, garlic, tomato, peppers, vinegar, eggs and common European spices.

The nearest airport is Narvik Evenes (EVE) and we will schedule 2 pick up times in the afternoon of the 8th of April in Kjeldebotn port to bring you to the resort. If you wish to come in earlier or stay after the retreat we suggest staying in Narvik or the near Lofoten. Please make sure your flight arrives latest by 6PM. Later arrivals may need to book own transportation to the resort. We will officially end with an evening program on the 16th of June, and everyone will be leaving the resort the following morning.

Early bird price: 1100 Euros (till 23rd of April)
Standard price: 1300 Euros

To register and reserve please contact Daniel at: 0046767069177 or email us at danielmuellergonzalez@googlemail.com
Your spot will be reserved after transaction.


***This retreat is not suitable for pregnant women***

For questions and more information please contact us: