Dead Sea Breathing

Dead Sea Breathing

Breathing in the hot sulfur spring right next to the Dead Sea. This is a must experience for those who wish to deepen their connection with breathwork.
The energy waves created while breathing there are mind blowing. 💥
In just a few moments of deep connected breathing you will feel electrified and start to release toxins and stuck emotional energy.
This is PROFOUND. ❤️


What’s special about the Dead Sea?

About 430m below sea level, between the Jordanian and the Judean desert, the Dead Sea is one of the most unique places on earth. The huge deep lake is known for its healing qualities for thousands of years.

The 34.2% salty water make the Dead Sea one of the four saltiest bodies of water on earth.

The treasures of the Dead Sea were already known to men in ancient times. The special asphalt of the sea was uniquely used in the process of mummification.

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was said to use the mud of the sea for preserving her own beauty.

The Dead Sea always attracted people with skin diseases to come and cure the body while they enjoy a relaxing holiday.

On top of its chemical quality, being the lowest place on earth is one of its greatest advantages concerning sun bathing, the best known cure for psoriasis. Before reaching the Dead Sea surface, the radiation from the sun has to travel through extra 430m of air with the highest condensation. The immediate surrounding might be dry, but the massive evaporation creates a constant mist that hovers 200-300m above the sea, naturally filtering UV and other harmful radiation. This allows a safer exposure to sun.

The uniqueness of the Judean desert enables abundant oasis to thrive to the feet of the mountains. Many fresh water springs nourish green spots, and attract a great variety of birds, reptiles and mammals some of which are found only at the Dead Sea shores. All year long hot sulfur springs offer a natural warm bath.

The land around the Dead sea is full of attractions: beautiful hikes,local culture, historical and archaeological sites which are open for visitors and offer wonderful landscapes, sunny and warm all year round.

Interesting facts:

-The extremely mineral rich water (34.2%) allows amazing floatation. If you wish, you may sit in the water reading a newspaper.

-The dark mud that is used worldwide to treat and nourish the skin contains 48 different minerals.


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